inside track by Neal St. Anthony

Star Tribune – Sunday November 8, 2015

Kris Larson and Sally Mainquist, founders of Veritae Group, are on pace for $4 million in revenue this year. 

Investing "in people" propels Veritae Group

 Sally Mainquist and Kris Larson, veteran accountants and placement-firm executives, really meant business when they started their Veritae Group last year, after leaving Certes Financial Pros in 2013 after many years of executive service.

   It also helps to be veteran head hunters in a growing economy.

   "Veritae is headed for revenue of $4 million this year," Mainquist said, well above expectations.

   “I always say, ‘We are just helping our friends out and every now and then we get paid,’ ” Mainquist said. “Our boutique business focuses on leadership-level accounting and finance professionals. So, we never know when a person will be a client or a contractor. It’s the same pool of people. And our business model allows us to share more of our bill rate with our contractors.

   “We invest in people, not brick-and-mortar. Our people are outstanding, and we have nearly a 90 percent ‘fill rate’ when a client calls looking for help; this is unheard of … with all the competition out there.”

   Mainquist added that some clients also appreciate that the partners donate 10 percent of profits to local charities and discount their placements for nonprofits such as Greater Twin Cities United Way and St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development.