Testimonials from Veritae Clients:

 “Clearly your business approach is working.  As one of your non-profit clients, we have felt your support and effectiveness!  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I am grateful ….  I will keep spreading the word.”  Executive Director - St. David’s Center

 “Thank you for all your excellent work.  It’s nice to know I can count on you to find the talent we need!”  CFO - Mocon

“You delivered exactly what you promised, you’ve been easy to work with, we are in a better place because of your service.  Thank you for providing us with a great experience.  We would highly recommend your firm.”    Director of Business Development - Nexus Solutions

“You are always my first call when I need interim help!”  CAO – Merrill Corp


Testimonials from Veritae Consulting Partners:

“Nearly every company says that people are their most important resource, but Veritae is the only company I have worked for that really puts it into practice”

“There truly is a Veritae difference, and it's noticeable in the workplace, too.  I've sat amongst client staff and leaders that were cold call solicited by our competitors. The impression was rarely positive.  Stay true to your compass!  You've successfully separated yourselves from the competition by choosing to approach the market differently.”

 “Veritae allows me to have the flexibility to take the projects I want in the locations I want and allows me to take time off as needed to achieve a work life balance which I did not have in my previous company. Sr. management at Veritae really cares about their employees and go out of their way to let us know how valuable we are to them.”

“Veritae truly cares about the person -- we are not just employees.  They have great connections and resources to ensure that the right employee is placed at the right client.  Our common goal is to help the client - the business is truly relationship focused.”


Testimonials on Veritae’s Impact on Community:

 “You two do such a great job of building community.  Thank you!” CFO – Mortenson

“Thanks for a fun night! What a wonderful cause [U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital Movie Night Event] and great way to connect with our Veritae peers and their families.  It's one of the many reasons why I choose to work with the Veritae team.” – Veritae Partner

“You both do a great job helping people to network and meet one another. I have really enjoyed being a part of this group and wouldn't change a thing.” Veritae CFO Forum - Member Survey

“You two never cease to amaze me with your thoughtfulness and how you treat people.  You just go about doing business in a different way that truly speaks to you and your character.  I so happy for you and your successful launch of your new venture.” - Professional Peer