Why Call Veritae?

Veritae Group provides high-end, high-quality accounting & finance professionals for interim executive staffing and project services. 

Our clients call us first in the following scenarios:

Interim Executive Staffing:

  • Your CFO or Controller position is open and you don’t have the capacity to absorb the work. Many companies have an internal person step in to fill the position who then becomes disillusioned when they are not selected as the final candidate.
  • Your finance team lead has a medical leave. Organizations tend to spread the work around, creating stress on the organization and on the individual on leave.

Call Veritae for a seasoned accounting or finance executive to manage daily responsibilities while you execute a thoughtful hire or need additional coverage through a medical leave.

Project Services:

  •  You are acquiring a company and have not done this before.  Your CPA firm can’t help with the accounting for the transaction, as it is a conflict of interest.  
  • You are experiencing rapid growth.  Your CFO or Controller may not have the experience to handle some of the financing issues of expansion. 
  •  You are building a new facility and moving the companya new venture for your organization.
  •  You are installing new software and you need a Project Lead to manage the selection and implementation.
  •  You are undertaking a revenue recognition review in preparation for new guidance issued by the FASB and IASB, and need a seasoned person to manage and lead the project. 

Call Veritae for a senior level Project Manager or seasoned GAAP expert to mentor and lead your staff, adding depth and knowledge during important transitions.